Africa Imagery is an Image Bank that specialises in carefully selected photographs of Africa, its people and wildlife for use in advertisements, web sites, books, calendars, ibooks and  magazines. It has some of the most up to date images of Africa in its catalogue.

Africa Imagery is owned and managed by South African photographers Roger and Pat de la Harpe and in addition to their portfolio of African images, its contributing photographers include some of the country's finest - Peter Chadwick, Tony Phelps, Nigel Dennis, Ariadne van Zandbergen, Art Publishers (including photographs by
Neil Austin and the late John Hone) and Phillip and Ingrid van den Berg.

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Please note there are no royalty free pictures on this site. All images are to Africa Imagery's contributing photographers unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved. No reproduction, including copying or saving of digital image files, or the alteration or manipulation of these files, is authorised unless accompanied by a written sales advice issued by Africa Imagery. All images carry a unique embedded digital identifying encryption which cannot be removed by tampering with the IPTC field. This will allow us to track and trace any unauthorized web use. Email us for information on commercial and personal use of images.