KwaZulu Natal Midlands

Photographic Workshop with Roger and Pat de la Harpe

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Model photography on a KwaZulu Natal Midlands Photographic Workshop. Zebra photographed on a KwaZulu Natal Midlands Photographic Workshop. Karkloof Falls photographed on a KwaZulu Natal Midlands Photographic Workshop.
Howick is situated in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands some 20 Km to the north of Pietermaritzburg. The region is renowned for its beautiful scenery and wonderful climate and It?s here that we hold our Beginner / Intermediate Photographic and Photoshop workshops.

These weekend workshops are held at a small conference centre just outside Howick with registration and an introductory talk (which includes a slide show) on the Friday evening, leaving all of Saturday and Sunday for photography and image analysis.

The following aspects will be covered in the workshop:

  • Camera controls
  • Basic principals of photography
  • How to analyse you photographs and find out where you are going right and wrong
  • Using off camera flash
  • Shooting beautiful portraits
  • How to use the camera controls to achieve various effects
  • Basic editing
  • Using the histogram to judge exposure.
  • The use of Blinkies to prevent blown out highlights. (Blinkies? Come to the workshop and find out)
At the end of the workshop you will have a better understanding of your camera, its controls, the principles of photography and image composition.
Water drops photographed on a KwaZulu Natal Midlands Photographic Workshop.

Thursday 16:00.
Arrive At Yellowwood Cafe for course registration and set up. Yellowwood Cafe is situated on the Farm Fairfell just outside Howick on the way to the stunningly beautiful Karkloof. The photogenic homestead where we'll be meeting, is a historic monument and was built in 1872. After registration we'll have an introductory talk and show and a very quick look at some basic photographic elements.

Friday 07:00. Meet at Yellowwood for coffee and a chat about photography before heading out into the lovely gardens to do our first shoot. There are a host of subjects from old gates to flowers to miniature farm animals. Roger and Pat will be available to deal with any problems or "camera questions". After an hour or so we'll download the images in preparation for the evaluation session - this is where we can make a huge difference to your photography by analysing your images and finding where you are going right or wrong.

In the afternoon we'll head out to Karkloof Falls. After winding through grasslands and pine plantations, the Karkloof River tumbles over the Woodhouse Falls before plunging 88m over the Karkloof Falls into the forested Karkloof Valley. This is where we learn to photograph water - reflections, action, movement and especially, how to get those soft, fluffy waterfall images.

Saturday: 07:00We'll meet up with some mountain bikers and use the to experiment with slow and fast shutter speeds. It is now that we will start to play with the off camera flashes to creat a variety of effects. At about 09:30 we head into the dining room for a scrumptious brunch.

The day continues with discussions and image analysis. At about 14:30 we'll have a quick snack and then we'll be joined by a young model, who will pose for us. The Yellowwood Cafe gardens are very beautiful and we'll spend some time in them, working with the model. We will use different lenses, looking at what effect lens choice has on the image. We will look at how to pose people and use changing vantage points to achieve different effects.

Sunday 07h00.

We work through the day much as we did the previous one with analysis, discussions and practicals. In the afternoon we'll have a quick look at how to edit images in Photoshop, which will give you an idea of what can be done with this very useful program. We'll wrap up the workshop at about 13:00


  • A Digital SLR Camera preferably with removable lenses (a fixed lens camera will work but will limit what we can do to a certain degree). An advanced point and shoot camera will be fine for beginners. (e.g. Canon G15, Nikon P330 or P7800 or something similar).
  • Zoom lenses - the selection is broad but at least 2 zoom lenses are recommended, one wide angle and one medium to long telephoto, which should preferably have some form of image stabilisation.
  • An off camera flash.
  • A tripod.
  • A laptop computer (and a mouse). We will have trial copies of Photoshop and Lightroom at the workshop and also free versions of various other programs available to load onto your computer. We will do the image analysis in Lightroom 5.2.
  • A memory card reader or computer cables to connect your camera to your laptop.
  • The charger for your camera/s.
  • Memory Card/s.
  • The manual(s) for your camera(s).
Accommodation and Venue:

We can recommend suitable Bed and Breakfast (B&B) venues nearby. Please let us know if you'll be needing accommodation while you are doing the workshop.  Yellowwood Cafe is just outside Howick in Shafton Road off the Karkloof Road.

Workshop Dates:

Our next workshop is from 6 to 9 February 2014. We can also do workshops to suit your needs. Please contact us with your requirements.

Cost of the course:

R2 500-00 p.p. (price subject to change) and includes brunch, teas and coffees. Accommodation, drinks, evening meals and extras are for your own account.

Contact Us to book your place on this exciting and informative workshop.

Flower photographed on a KwaZulu Natal Midlands Photographic Workshop. Forest photographed on a KwaZulu Natal Midlands Photographic Workshop. Birds of prey photographed on a KwaZulu Natal Midlands Photographic Workshop.

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